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Office of the Executive Secretariat

About OES

USDA's Office of the Executive Secretariat (OES) serves the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture by managing the official correspondence of the Immediate Office of the Secretary, maintaining the official records of the Office of the Secretary, and assisting the Office of the Secretary with special projects.

Correspondence management: OES receives and analyzes all correspondence addressed to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, refers it to the appropriate agencies or staff offices for preparation of a response, as appropriate, and coordinates and tracks the preparation, review, clearance, signature, dispatch, and archival filing of responses. OES works with USDA agencies to ensure prompt delivery of reports and other documents requested or legislatively mandated by Congress or the White House, and provides editorial assistance as necessary to ensure optimal quality. In cooperation with the Rural Development technical team and USDA's Office of the Chief Information Officer, OES sponsors and provides a high-quality correspondence management system for departmental use.

Maintenance of official records: OES is responsible for organizing, storing, and providing access to the Secretary's records-including national security classified items. In so doing, this office preserves required official records and serves as a valuable source of institutional memory for the entire Department.

Assistance with special projects: In response to requests by the Office of the Secretary, OES assists with the preparation of letters of thanks, congratulations, and condolence; preparation of briefing materials based on correspondence analysis; general writing and editorial services; and other projects as requested.

Correspondence addressed to the Office of the Secretary: For a faster response, please send incoming correspondence to the Office of the Secretary via email or facsimile:

Via email (preferred):   agsec@usda.gov

Via fax (preferred):      (202)720-2166

Via mail:                      United States Department of Agriculture
     1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
     Washington, D.C. 20250

OES works directly with the Office of the Secretary and USDA Staff Offices, Mission Areas, and Agencies to fulfill these responsibilities.

OES Office: (202)720-7100

Adrian D. Lindsey, Acting Director