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Office of Homeland Security (OHS)
Radiation Safety Division (RSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

Department of Transportation

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is a federal cabinet department of the United States government that regulates the transport of hazardous material, which includes radioactive material, through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration .

DOT and NRC co-regulate the transportation of radioactive material in the United States. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) governs the respective responsibilities of NRC and DOT (Transportation of Radioactive Materials: Memorandum of Understanding, 44 Fed.Reg. 38,690 July 2, 1979). According to this memorandum of understanding, DOT adopts regulations for all shippers and carriers of hazardous materials, including safety standards for shipping and packaging radioactive material; and NRC develops safety standards for packaging certain radioactive materials and regulates its licensees. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has adopted international regulations for the safe transportation of radioactive material. As a member state, the United States, through DOT and NRC, has amended its domestic regulations to make them compatible with the IAEA standards.

10 CFR Part 71.5 Transportation of Licensed Material, (NRC citation of DOT regulations)

DOT HazMat Refresher Training


Requirements for radioactive material shipments and packaging

49 CFR 173.401


Activity Limit table

49 CFR 173.435


Definitions (DOT)

49 CFR 173.403 Subpart I



General 49 CFR 172.400

Class 7 Radioactive Material 49 CFR 172.403

Placement of labels 49 CFR 172.406

Radioactive White-I label 49 CFR 172.436

Radioactive Yellow-II label 49 CFR 172.438


Limited Quantity

General 49 CFR 173.421

Calculating activity limits 49 CFR 173.425



General 49 CFR 172.300

Class 7 Radioactive Material (Type-A package) 49 CFR 172.310


Package Survey

10 CFR 20.1906

49 CFR 172.403


Proper shipping name

49 CFR 172.101


Shipping Papers

49 CFR 172.200


Units of measure

49 CFR 171.10