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Office of Homeland Security (OHS)
Radiation Safety Division (RSD)
United States Department of Agriculture

RSMS Database

The Radiation Safety Division has a database which manages Permit information. The database is known as RSMS, (Radiation Safety Management System). Conversion from the previous database to the current version was completed in May 2013.

The link to the database is

To use the database, a user must have:

  • a computer connected to the USDA intranet
  • Internet Explorer.
  • an e-authenticate account

To gain access to the database for the first time,

  • a user must click on the link and request access,
  • wait for the Radiation Safety Division to approve the request.
  • Each user must make their own request for access,
  • A request for access should be made only one time.
  • A system-generated email notification indicates successful access to the system.
  • Upon gaining access to the database, a USDA employee may be listed on a Permit as an associate user, or may submit a Permit request in the database.
  • Once approved, a Permit Holder has computer access to the Permit and can make Permit change requests to RSD.
  • In addition, isotope Permit Holders can log-in routine and close-out lab surveys and submit approval requests before placing a radioactive material order.
  • Permit Holders with sealed sources can create leak test records, print out leak test sheets, and view previous leak test results
  • Nuclear Gauge Permit Holders can print out the DOT transportation paper for nuclear gauges.
  • Associate Users may also have varying degrees of access to the Permit.
  • The Radiation Safety Division has access to all permits and all inventories, and validates or rejects permit or inventory changes. The Radiation Safety Division, also initiates permit changes, tracks locations and inspection status, can review lab surveys, and maintains sealed source leak test information.