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Welcome to the Office of Operations

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About the Office of Operations

The USDA has been delegated, since 1984, the responsibility for managing, operating, maintaining, repairing, improving, and securing its Headquarters Complex. This includes 14.1 acres of grounds and two buildings containing approximately 2.5 million square feet of space as well as the USDA-owned, George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) that comprises 350,000 gross square feet, located on 45 acres. The Office of Operations (OO) has the lead responsibility for managing the complex.

The OO is an office within Departmental Management (DM) and on a daily basis is providing a safe and secure facility infrastructure and administrative services in the National Capital Region (NCR). OO provides facilities management services, security, and operational support for agencies occupying USDA’s Headquarters complex, the GWCC and USDA leased facilities in the NCR. Additionally, OO provides support in the areas of engineering, architecture, space management, internal energy conservation, recycling, sustainable practices, physical security, occupational safety, and health. This results in improvement of the quality of work life for USDA employees.