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 DR1600-001 [HTM] [PDF] (04/04/2002) Posting Office - Hours Field Locations
 DR1600-002 [HTM] [PDF] (04/04/2002) Posting of Notices and Information Bulletins
 DR1620-002 [HTM] [PDF] (05/17/2004) USDA Space Management Policy
          [PDF] (05/17/2004) USDA Space Management Policy Amendment 1
 DR1630-002 [HTM] [PDF] (12/13/2012) Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Narcotics in USDA Occupied                                             Space
 DR2200-002 [HTM] [PDF] (04/02/2013) Property, Plant and Equipment
 DR4400-006 [HTM] [PDF] (07/28/2009) USDA Smoking Policy
 DR5100-003 [HTM] [PDF] (09/25/2013) Real Property Leasing Officer Warrant System
 DR5160-001 [HTM] [PDF] (09/19/2013) Official Symbol and Seal of the Department
 DR5160-002 [HTM] [PDF] (05/29/2013) Erection of Memorials, Plaques, and Cornerstones; Naming of                                              USDA Facilities
 DR5160-003 [HTM] [PDF] (09/03/2014) Identification Signs
 DR5160-006 [HTM] [PDF] (12/29/2015) Display and Use of the Flag (FAQs)
 DR5200-002 [HTM] [PDF] (05/13/1985) Central Shipping and Receiving
 DR5200-003 [HTM] [PDF] (04/18/2003) Gift Acceptance Policy
 DR5400-005 [HTM] [PDF] (10/01/2009) Use of Government Vehicle for Home to Work
 DR5400-006 [HTM] [PDF] (03/06/2009) Use of the Fleet Charge Card and Alternative Payment Methods
 DR5400-007 [HTM] [PDF] (09/07/2010) Text Messaging While Driving


USDA complies with the Federal Management Regulation (FMR), the successor regulation to the Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR). As a supplement to the FMR, USDA-specific policies and procedures for the management of personal and real property can be found in the Agriculture Property Management Regulations (AGPMR) as included below.

Subchapter A - General (all in PDF format)

110-2 Agriculture Property Management Regulations
Supplementing 102-2

 Subchapter B - Personal Property (all in PDF format)

110-31 General [Reserved]
Supplementing 102-31 [Reserved]
110-32 Management of Personal Property [Reserved]
Supplementing 102-32 [Reserved]
110-33 Management of Government Aircraft
Supplementing 102-33
110-34 Motor Vehicle Management
Supplementing 102-34
110-35 Disposition of Personal Property
Supplementing 102-35
110-36 Disposition of Excess Personal Property
Supplementing 102-36
110-37 Donation of Surplus Personal Property
Supplementing 102-37
110-38 Sale of Personal Property
Supplementing 102-38
110-39 Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/Sale Authority
Supplementing 102-39
110-40 Utilization and Disposition of Personal Property with Special Handling Requirements Supplementing 102-40 (10/2015)
110-41 Disposition of Seized, Forfeited, Voluntarily Abandoned, and Unclaimed Personal Property
Supplementing 102-41
110-42 Utilization, Donation, and Disposal of Foreign Gifts and Decorations
Supplementing 102-42

 Real Property - Subchapter C (all in PDF format)

110-71 General
Supplementing 102-71
110-72 Delegation of Authority
Supplementing 102-72
110-73 Real Estate Acquisition
Supplementing 102-73
110-74 Facility Management
Supplementing 102-74
110-75 Real Property Disposal
Supplementing 102-75
110-76 Design and Construction
Supplementing 102-76
110-79 Assignment and Utilization of Space
Supplementing 102-79
110-80 Safety and Environment Management
Supplementing 102-80
110-83 Location of Space
Supplementing 102-83
110-84 Annual Real Property Inventories
Supplementing 102-84


Subchapter D - Transportation (all in PDF format)

110-117 Transportation Management
Supplementing 102-117
110-118 Transportation Payment and Audit
Supplementing 102-118

Subchapter N - Property Management (all in PDF format)

110-50 Property Management (10/2013)
110-51 Property Accountability and Control (12/2013) (FAQs)
110-52  Regulations Applicable only to the Metropolitan Washington, DC Area (8/2008)
110-53 Central Supply Services (3/2007)

Advisories    (all in PDF format)

Fiscal Year 2018

 18-01 AGPMR Advisory 18-01 FED fms  (03/2018)

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal Year 2012