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Fleet Management

Fleet Cart Certification Instructions, as required by The Presidential Memorandum – Federal Fleet Performance, May 24, 2011 and FMR Bulletin B-32

Wright Express is now the USDA Fleet Card for Motor Vehicles:
WEX Fuel/Service locator
WEX Mobile App

License Plate Ordering Process
USDA is utilizing the Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) to order license plates. UNICOR's License Plate System (LPS) is a web-based system that provides agencies with the flexibility and control of ordering their own license plates as needed. Fleet Managers delegate LPS user access, upon their discretion, which assists in the convenience of the lead time from manufacturer to end user. UNICOR manages the numbering convention of license plates ordered by USDA. Thus, the possibility of duplicates is mitigated.

Accident Reporting
All USDA employees are reminded of the accident reporting requirements stated in AGPMR 110-34.305 and should keep a “Motor Vehicle Accident Report Kit” (AD-651) in each vehicle. The AD-651 can be obtained from the USDA Beltsville Service Center, (301) 394-0400 or

Vehicle Misuse
All USDA employees should be reminded of the consequences of misusing a government-owned or leased vehicle, as stated in FMR 102-34.240 and AGPMR 110-34.240 (

Fleet Charge Card Center (CCSC)
The USDA Charge Card Service Center (CCSC) was established to manage the charge card program for the Department of Agriculture. The CCSC website has been developed to provide a central repository of information on the USDA purchase, fleet, and travel cards. The USDA Fleet Charge Card Program is managed under the USDA CCSC. USDA awarded a task order to U.S. Bank to obtain fleet charge cards to assist USDA agencies in supporting their mission needs. The fleet charge card is the tool for purchasing fuel, maintenance and/or repairs for any USDA-owned or leased vehicle, boat, aircraft, or motorized piece of equipment. The USDA Fleet Charge Card Program is designed to provide program related information to cardholders and card program managers; assist with any inquiries or issues involving the fleet charge card; and process new/replacement fleet charge card requests. You can contact the USDA Fleet Charge Card Program at

USDA Agency Fleet Policies

Fleet Management Directives, Regulations & Advisories