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Real Property

USDA owns approximately 193 million acres of land, making it the second largest civilian landholding Agency in the Federal Government. The Department occupies nearly 79 million square feet of owned and leased space, spending approximately $350 million on leases and space assignments annually.

The Property Management Division develops regulations, standards, and techniques concerning receipt, utilization, preservation, disposal, and replacement of real property. The division oversees and coordinates USDA's real property, leasing, space management, and acquisition management activities and responds to external requests for information related to real property.

The Property Management Division provides support to USDA's agencies, who are responsible for real property assets supporting their program areas. The division's support efforts include development of USDA's Real Property Leasing Handbook and providing leadership in the government-wide President's Management Agenda Real Property Management Initiative.

Real Property Directives, Regulations & Advisories